our journey

It's been quite a journey these last eight years as a husband and wife wedding photography team. We have traveled to amazing destinations, met some of the kindest couples, and have been blessed to document the beginning of so many beautiful love stories. We thought we knew where this journey was taking us, but what we have come to realize in our lives is that right when you think you know where the journey is leading, it can and most the time will surprise you. 

Our surprise came three years ago, honestly out of the blue. We have always loved editing, and we were known around our home town as being a very clean and bright editing style. This particular year it was like the flood gates had opened. All of a sudden we were receiving numerous emails from other photographers all asking the same question: "Would you consider editing our images?" It took some time to wrap our minds around the idea, but the truth was we loved editing and we began seeing a need in our industry we could serve. Before we knew it we had several clients and a dream was beginning to form.

We've always had the idea of expanding our editing business, we weren't sure how or even when but it was always a goal of ours. In the beginning of 2019 that goal was achieved. We began the search for talented and educated editors that we could train with our own personal style and workflow. A few short months later Cultivated Edits was formed. It just goes to show, trust the journey and never doubt where it leads you.

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our love story

I love a good love story; each is unique but equally as special. Our love story is a definitely unique, but I’d have to say it’s my favorite love story of all time! I was taught as a little girl (10 years old to be exact) to pray for my future husband. I took this instruction very seriously, and can remember night after night praying for Landon before I ever knew him. I would pray for his happiness, safety, and faith. I knew he was out there, and I was already preparing my heart to love him deeply. At the age of eighteen I began working at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. I had to call another office in our department and was surprised by the young man’s voice that answered the phone. Being so young, all my coworkers were much older than I, and I was very intrigued by the voice on the other line. I may have been a little on the sneaky side, I told the man on the other line that I needed him to come and pick up a document (Yes I could have mailed it to him, but he didn’t need to know that.) A few hours later the most handsome man I’ve ever met was standing in front of me. Have you heard of love at first sight? I knew immediately he was different, he was going to be special. Later that day I decided to get brave and send Landon an email asking him on a date (let me add here I was not the type of girl to ever ask a boy out, but this was different and I couldn’t help myself.) Little did I know as soon as I hit the “Send” button I would receive an email from Landon asking me out on a date as well. We both were writing each other an email asking the other one out at the exact same time. The rest is history! We dated four months before we were married. We had a baby within the first year of marriage with two more to follow. Fourteen years have gone by and I can honestly say every prayer I prayed as a child for my future husband was answered the day I met Landon. 

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